How long is your loan held for?

Unlike most Pawn Brokers, we hold ALL jewlery loans for up to 5 months.
For electronics we offer a 60 day loan.
What is the minimum age to receive a loan?

You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid government issued picture ID.
How do your loans work?

We specialize in collateral-based loans. Once we determine the value of your item we will make an offer. If the offer is agreed by both parties we then enter the loan into our computer system and stored in a safe secure location. You will then receive the loan document stating all the terms and given cash. No credit checks, no long delays, just cash in your hand!
What happens when I renew my loan?

If unable to pay the total amount due you can simply pay the finance charge (or interest) and we will then issue you an extension with the same terms.
What if someone finds my ticket?

Only the person that signs the ticket can redeem their merchandise.
What happens if I don’t retrieve my item?

That’s the beauty of this service. There are no credit checks. If you are unable to retrieve your item it is okay. You may still come back in and get a loan. If you have no intentions to come back we offer the service to simply purchase your item(s).
Can I get an appraisal over the phone?

We like to be as honest and up front with you as possible. We can give you a rough estimate but for obvious reasons we cannot offer an exact amount because the condition of the items vary.
What checks do you cash?

  • Social Security
  • Federal Tax Returns
  • Rapid Refunds
  • Payroll
  • Insurance

We cash them all, with the exception of personal checks.
For our rates or any other questions, please contact us!
Is there a fee to use your credit card?

Absolutely not! There is no fee to redeem or purchase merchandise with your credit or debit card.
Do you take cars or motorcycles?

Yes! We take cars and motorcycles.
Do I leave the car/motorcycle with you or just release the title to you?

We take possession of the vehicle and store it in a secured location.
Do we take stolen merchandise?

We are linked up the the Fall River Police Department as well as several other surrounding Police Departments. A police report is sent prior to closing every day of every item we take in with a fully-detailed description.